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Marketplace to publish user shape packs and stickers

From a power user: You should create a market place to allow people to publish new shape packs... kind of like Sketch does. Not just basic shapes but stickers that are more complex.

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  • Lawrence commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love the idea.. I actually came to this site to make a suggestion about a future update where we could make our own shapes (using the current shapes) and other assets and to allow us to save them for later use in other projects... I use Affinity Designer for 90% of my work flow and I am able to do that there... But I often use Assembly and would like to start using it more, so the ability to design/create shapes and other assets and the ability to save and use them later, to me would be an AMAZING addition to a great app..BUT I also LOVE the idea abut being able to create and share “user packs” also..GREAT IDEA!

  • Greg Lang commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently, there is no way to save a library of shapes with a categorical title. While this on its own would be really cool, it would be even cooler if we could share them with the Assembly community.

    The interaction pattern could flow like this:

    1. Create new group using a '+' icon in the Edit view of the Installed Packs modal. Selecting it would open a text dialogue to input the name. Once confirmed with 'OK' a new shape pack by that name would be created.

    2. In the 'share' menu, under 'Save to Library', add a button 'Add to Pack'. Selecting this would open a view similar to the Pack modal, but you would instead select the pack you wanted to add the current project to as a shape.

    3. A user-submitted pack browser could be added as a third tab at the bottom of the Pack modal.

    Or something like that, delivering the same basic functionality. :)

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